We invite you to the second edition of the conference "Future cities", which will take place on April 11 this year at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw.


An idea standing behind implementing solutions for cities of the future is to create safe and friendly space for a living which is efficient in terms of energy and economy as well as designed with respect for natural environment and people.


We want to raise participants' awareness of the latest trends and solutions regarding future cities and create opportunities to establish valuable contacts. Our speakers will present topics such as public consultations, placemaking, urban foresight, water management, adaptation to climate change, ecology, biophilia, technology in cities, energy and case studies from cities of the future.


Cities of the future are concentrated on the needs of its inhabitants with completely digitized systems, open in terms of data availability and functioning using mutual cooperation. Only a comprehensive and systemic approach will allow to transform current cities into cities of the future.

Agenda of the second edition of the "Future cities" conference

Registration 9:00 10:00
Welcome 10:00 10:05
Session I
1 Synergies for Sustainable Development - the Swedish experience / Anna Hessle, Sweco Sweden 10:05 10:30
2 Green communities with human scale - practical steps in their design / Monika Arczyńska, Łukasz Pancewicz, A2P2 10.30 10.50
3 The trend of building recovery in European cities / Martyna Obarska, Magazyn Miasta 10.50 11.10
Coffee break and networking 11:10 11:30
Session II
4 Water city - blue infrastructure as the capital of cities / Izabela Małachowska-Coqui, Coqui Malachowska Coqui 11:30 11:50
5 Biodiversity, Biophilia and Ecosystem Services: Key Drivers in 21st Century Urban Masterplanning and Design / Mike Wells, Biodiversity by Design 11.50 12.10
6 Urban energy clusters - concept and expected benefits / Marek Kolasiński, UM Poznań 12.10 12.30
Coffee break and networking 12:30 12:50
Session III
7 Smart & Sustainable Cities & Societies from a GIS & Geodata Perspective – the Danish experience / Soren Zebitz Nielsen, Sweco Denmark 12:50 13:10
8 Big data, smart cities, intelligent buildings – surveying in a digital world / Peter Maitland, RICS 13:10 13:30
9 Energy revolution. But why? / Marcin Popkiewicz 13:30 14:00
Summary 14:00 14:15
Lunch 14:15 15:00
10 Workshops: Bee-friendly city - Pszczelarium / A city without barriers - Fundacja Integracja 15:00 15:30


Anna Hessle

Senior Architect i Urban Planner, Sweco Sweden

Monika Arczyńska, Łukasz Pancewicz

Architects and city planners - A2P2

Martyna Obarska

Wicenaczelna Magazynu Miasta, antropolożka miejska

Izabela Małachowska-Coqui

Landscape Architect, Coqui Malachowska Coqui

Mike Wells

Eecologist and ecourbanist, Biodiversity by Design

Marek Kolasiński

Deputy Director for Technical Infrastructure at the Department of Municipal Management of the City of Poznań

Søren Zebitz Nielsen

GIS & Smart City Consultant, Sweco Denmark

Peter Maitland

Non-Executive Director at Burlington Real Estate, RICS

Marcin Popkiewicz

Megatrend analyst, author of best-selling books “World at the Crossroads”, “Energy Revolution. But why?” and “Climate Science”


The conference “Future cities” will be hosted by Izabela Żylińska – editor and chief of the industry magazine „Smart Grids Polska” and portals and


The registration period is from February 11 to March 28. Use registration form to get registered to the conference “Future cities”.

Before registration please read the Terms and conditions of the conference.

The cost of participation in the conference (including conference materials, translation, compensation of CO2 emissions, coffee breaks and lunch) is PLN 149 net until February 28. After this date, the regular ticket price is PLN 199 net. Please provide exact details for invoicing.

The first 30 people who will register and pay for the participation will receive one copy of the book (in Polish) entitled “Nauka o klimacie” ("Science about the climate") by Marcin Popkiewicz, Aleksandra Kardaś and Szymon Malinowski. The book will be available only during the conference. More details in the terms and conditions More info.

Number of participants is limited!



During the conference a contest is planned. For each of the three winners who will give correct answers, there is a prize in the form of one copy of the book "Science about the climate" by Marcin Popkiewicz, Aleksandra Kardaś and Szymon Malinowski Terms and conditions of the contest.

Climate neutrality

Due to the fact that we respect the environment and we are worried about the problem of global warming, we want our conference to be climate neutral. To achieve this we will calculate the carbon footprint of the conference and then the amount of CO2 will be compensated by planting trees and using the so-called “carbon credits”.


After lunch, at 15:00, there will be two parallel 30-minute workshops:


Pszczelarium will conduct workshops about beekeeping and production of honey in urban space. Practical solutions of experienced beekeepers as well as interesting facts from the life of bees will also be presented More info.

The Integration Foundation

The Integration Foundation will explain the concept of accessibility and provide information about how cities and buildings look like in this respect, as well as show practical solutions for facilities for all users of urban space More info.

Conference address

Copernicus Conference Centre

Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, 00-390 Warsaw How to get there map


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On April 5, at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, the "Future cities by Sweco" conference was organized by Sweco Consulting. The main message of the conference was to demonstrate inspiring solutions and ideas for design and development of future cities.